Quality awareness is in my heart

In order to improve the quality of the company's products, improve the quality and enthusiasm of employees, improve the responsibility of each department, and enhance the cohesiveness of the company, in July 2018, Jiandun carried out the quality month event with the theme of "quality awareness in my heart, product quality in my hands, be responsible for the product quality.

Mobilization meeting

Around the quality month activities, the production department organized all front-line employees to hold the “Quality Month” mobilization meeting, mobilize and deploy the quality month activities, and guide all employees to actively participate in the quality month activities.

Promotion banner

Hanging promotional banners in each workshop to promote the awareness of production quality and create a good atmosphere for all employees to pay attention to quality. Improve the quality awareness of frontline employees through comprehensive publicity and training.

Conduct education and training

In order to better cooperate with the quality month activities, the workshops of the production department actively carry out quality education and training activities and strengthen the skills training of employees.

Increase inspection efforts

During the quality month, Jiandun always adhere to the "not accepting, not manufacturing, not letting go" work methods of defective products, increase inspection efforts, and strictly control quality.